Paid Program Sponsored television programming. Paid Other Home Shopping Days of Our Lives Sarah gets a terrible shock; Kristen struggles with her pain; Marlena attempts to help Steve; Steve wakes up from his surgery, but not without a hitch. Series Drama Drama/Soap Opera Deidre Hall Kristian Alfonso Drake Hogestyn Suzanne Rogers Melissa Reeves Lauren Koslow Hot Bench Akita Wolf Saves Man's Life! A man's former lover refuses to give back custody of the puppy that he claims helped him get out of a deep depression after his trailer burned down. Series True Reality/Crime/Courtroom Hot Bench African King Tattoo Cover-Up?!; Hit and Run or Drink and Drive?! A man's artistic preferences are considered suspect when he feels dissatisfied with an attempt to get rid of a tattoo he got some time ago; cousins argue over a car that was supposedly involved in a hit-and-run with bottles of alcohol and a confusing Series True Reality/Crime/Courtroom