The Mel Robbins Show The Beverly Hills Hoarder Motivational speaker Mel Robbins attempts to instill others with the power to transform their lives by offering advice and other tools that they may require to overcome future obstacles by learning what exactly is holding them back. Series Other Talk Show Mel Robbins Judge Judy Teen Parents File for Divorce! A love affair leaves the members of a family to clean up a custody battle mess and argue over an assault, so Judge Judy attempts to determine which party is at fault in the matter and then rules on the case accordingly in her court of law. Series True Reality/Crime/Courtroom Judge Judy Judge Judy Bed and Breakfast Fraud?!; 10K Custody Battle Loss! A craft services caterer supposedly misleads a bed-and-breakfast owner when he uses his one-bedroom rental as a place of business and ends up damaging it; a mother is sued by her friend since she allegedly won't pay back fees for a lawyer. Series True Reality/Crime/Courtroom Judge Judy KTTC News at Five News News News/Local Programming/Topical