American Housewife One Step Forward, Three Steps Back When Anna-Kat starts to showcase past OCD behaviors, Katie and Greg fear that their busy schedules are disrupting the family; a call at the Teen Help Line center disturbs Oliver; Taylor and Trip test being in a long-distance relationship. Series Comedy Comedy/Family/Situation Comedy Katy Mixon Diedrich Bader Meg Donnelly Daniel DiMaggio Julia Butters Ali Wong Fresh Off the Boat A Seat at the Table Louis' business advice helps Jessica land employment with her ideal job as a private school dean, but she soon learns that she was the token diversity hire; Eddie and Emery show Evan that the brothers can have their own "things" at school. Series Comedy Comedy/Cultural/Situation Comedy Randall Park Constance Wu Hudson Yang Forrest Wheeler Ian Chen Lucille Soong 20/20 Overboard The mystery behind the murder of two grandparents, who vanished while trying to sell their yacht, is explored, which includes how law enforcement gathered important clues and a confession from an accomplice who helped crack the case. Series True Investigative/Interview/News/Topical David Muir Amy Robach