News 19 Live @ 5pm A comprehensive look at regional, statewide and national news events, as well as ongoing issues in the La Crosse area, business and economic affairs, sports reports and the latest weather and traffic conditions are provided by the News 19 Team. News News News/Local Programming Dave Solie ABC World News Tonight with David Muir Veteran news anchor David Muir and the ABC News Team deliver reports on all of the important events and headlines from across the nation and around the world, covering social, political, environmental and economical issues. News News News/Topical David Muir News 19 @ 6pm The News 19 Team presents a comprehensive look at local, regional, state and national news events of the day, along with the latest information available concerning business and finance, La Crosse area weather conditions and rush-hour traffic. News News News/Local Programming Scott Hackworth Heather Armstrong Inside Edition News anchor Deborah Norville and her team of correspondents present an alternative program involving hard-hitting investigations, consumer tips, celebrity and pop culture news on gossip, and a collection of human interest pieces. Series True Investigative/Interview/Entertainment News/Television/Topical Deborah Norville American Housewife One Step Forward, Three Steps Back When Anna-Kat starts to showcase past OCD behaviors, Katie and Greg fear that their busy schedules are disrupting the family; a call at the Teen Help Line center disturbs Oliver; Taylor and Trip test being in a long-distance relationship. Series Comedy Comedy/Family/Situation Comedy Katy Mixon Diedrich Bader Meg Donnelly Daniel DiMaggio Julia Butters Ali Wong Fresh Off the Boat A Seat at the Table Louis' business advice helps Jessica land employment with her ideal job as a private school dean, but she soon learns that she was the token diversity hire; Eddie and Emery show Evan that the brothers can have their own "things" at school. Series Comedy Comedy/Cultural/Situation Comedy Randall Park Constance Wu Hudson Yang Forrest Wheeler Ian Chen Lucille Soong 20/20 Overboard The mystery behind the murder of two grandparents, who vanished while trying to sell their yacht, is explored, which includes how law enforcement gathered important clues and a confession from an accomplice who helped crack the case. Series True Investigative/Interview/News/Topical David Muir Amy Robach News 19 @ 10pm Late-breaking news events from around the world and the top stories of the day are presented by the News 19 Team, along with the latest business reports, sports scores, La Crosse area weather conditions and the forecast for tomorrow. News News News/Local Programming Scott Hackworth Heather Armstrong